There are five main reasons deer hunters miss deer when they are deer hunting.
1.) Not sighting in your deer rifle before you go hunting.
This sounds pretty basic, but year after year some deer hunters refuse to go to the rifle range to sight in their deer rifles.
They may figure, “Well, it shot straight last year when I put the rifle away.”
Regardless of how straight your deer rifle shot when you cased it up at the end of season, go to the range and sight it in again for the next season, preferably several times before deer season arrives.

Sights and scopes can get bumped while cleaning, handling or transferring from gun cabinet to deer hunting woods and back again.
2.) Using different ammunition than used to sight in with.
Different bullet weights and even various ammunition brands will shoot differently from the same rifle.
Make sure you stock up on the same brand and bullet weight of ammunition, the brand and weight you sighted in your rifle with, before you head to the deer hunting woods.
3.) Taking free hand shots.
Free hand shots are the least effective for deer hunting, because in many situations you are not rock solid when shooting.
If you don’t have a good rifle rest in your tree stand or blind when you are deer hunting, use your knee to steady your shot.
Another option is shooting from the prone position, but don’t try this from a tree stand.
Always try to use a solid rest before taking the shot.
4.) Not enough perfect practice.
There is more to shooting a rifle and becoming a good shot than just simply sighting in your rifle.
The more you can practice with different shooting scenarios, the better you will become at handling your deer rifle.
5.) Not knowing your shooting limitations.
This is really simple. If you don’t feel you can make a long range shot, don’t shoot.
At times, some deer hunters let their egos take over.
Only shoot the distance you have practiced for. This will keep you from wounding deer.
How can you avoid missing your deer the next time you go deer hunting?
• Sight in your deer rifle several times before deer season arrives.
• Remember to deer hunt use the same brand and bullet weight of ammo you used to sight in your deer rifle.
• Always use a solid rest when taking a shot.
• Perfect practice. Perfect practice. Perfect practice.
• Take shots only at distances you are comfortable shooting.