HUGHESVILLE, Mo. — Hunters have freed two deer whose antlers had become locked together in the Hughesville area.

The Missouri Department of Conservation said a deer hunting party armed with ropes and a battery-powered saw began tracking the deer last week with the hopes of helping the two white-tailed deer. The two bucks had been spotted on a farm about 12 miles north of Sedalia last week after apparently becoming entangled during a fight.

The hunters found the 8- and 10-point bucks but the deer ran from the rescue party, crashing through a few fences and at one time straddling a fence. The hunting party tried to put a rope around the rear feet of the deer to hold them still but they managed to get free.

Finally the deer fell down and two men grabbed their rear legs and stretched them out. A hunter used a saw to cut off a main beam from one of the buck’s antlers and it was enough to free the deer.

After being freed, the two deer returned to the wild.